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We make both HANDOVER and Customer paging systems for Opticians We GUARANTEE ROI on Investment in around 7 weeks All systems are available on 14 Day free trial

Our UK offices are ready to serve you DIRECT - cut out the middle man - buy direct and get the best Warranty, Price AND Support.

We are manufacturers of pager equipment, and our paging systems are used by many  industries including warehousing, security, NHS, dentists, golf courses, pharmacies, casino's, education, health clubs, offices, auto dealers, salon's and a host of other industries - so it stands to reason, we've got something here for you. When you're talking staff handover pager, guest pagers, fire alarm, other paging such as network pagers LRS is the manufacturer for you!

Back in 1993 LRS invented the pager coaster - and we have been inventing systems since - including our new Butler II 5 Button Transmitter  which is a boon if you have a need to contact staff - especially in a Retail environment.

If you're looking for pagers, coasters, staff pager, pizza pagers, guest paging, pager systems, restaurant pager, hotel pagers or most types of on site beepers then LRS make it. Pager Technology you CAN trust with our new for old warranty and 14 day trial on every system.

Buy DIRECT from the manufacturers UK website - we have lower costs and the best warranty there is - new for old!

Opticians Pagers from LRS This site is developed specifically for Opticians and the equipment on here is tried and tested for some considerable time in the UK market by some of the largest companies involved in the industry.
Opticians Pagers from LRS Professionals need the best there is - and with LRS equipment we can even prove to you that our Handover solutions will have a very short ROI as well as increasing the Handover experience for Customers
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